"Elegantly constructed and written with both stringency and heart... von Ziegesar has the gift for creating rounded characters and the brother of the title comes alive as a figure of compelling, if heartbreaking paradox, while the portrait of the clueless father is the most vivid of its kind I've read since This Boy's Life."

--- Eli Gottlieb, author of The Boy Who Went Away and The Face Thief



  • June 16, 2014 - My essay on Child-rearing appeared in the Huffington Post as "An Art Writer's Ultimate Act of Contrarianism".
  • June 10, 2014 - "Losing a Hive", Peter's beautiful essay about losing a hive this winter appeared in the literary magazine, The Common.  Excerpt: "...And once you have raised and tended bees, the sensations and smells, your palms against the rough wood as you lift, the weight of the honey, the hot sun against the whitewash, the pattern of the insects going about their work, invests your life, sinks in like tar in your hands."
  • WNYC Public Radio: Essay on the Newtown Shooting, Mental Illness and Gun Violence. CLICK TO LISTEN
  • Vinyl Idling: This essay, written in 2005 for The New York Times, is about Greenwich Village’s vanishing music scene and my 9-year-old son’s apprenticeship with the underground guitarist and record shop owner, Michael Carlucci.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE.
  • Brothers, an essay that appeared in DoubleTake Magazine in the winter of 2000
  • Article entitled "Keith Haring" from 2002


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